About Me
Mom's Corner
I'm back!!! Sorry I haven't posted anything new in a while but I
have been busy with a lot of things including redesigning my website.
Besides the new layout I have also included a page called Mom's
for her to keep you up to date on things going on in our lives.

OK, now on to other news. First, as you may know I was baptized on
May 18th which was really cool. I got to dress up in a fancy new
white suit and after the ceremony was over we went back to our
house and had a big party with lots of people and yummy looking food
which unfortunately, I still can't eat.

Some other big news is that I now have two teeth. Both are in the
bottom front and there are two more on the top just ready to break
through any time now. I am also now crawling army style all over the
place so Mommy and Daddy had to block off the end tables and
steps so that I don't get myself into too much trouble.

As for food, while I am still waiting to eat pizza, burgers, fries and
ice cream, my new favorites that I
can eat are oatmeal with bananas
for breakfast, turkey with sweet potatoes for lunch and dinner and
my favorite fruit is pears with rasberries.

The last bit of news I have is that I just had my 6 month check up.
Check out the About Me page to see how much I've grown so far.